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Trouble getting good depth and keeping good form during your squats?

Don't want to spend around 200€ for weightlifting shoes you end up using only a few times?

Don't want to change shoes after every workout?

Having ankle flexibilty problems?

Problems keeping good form througout the workout?

Wanting to improve squat technics and increase strength during these excersises?

Achilles sensitivity after some intense double-unders?

Just to name a few problems to the simple solution!

Try some Versalifts!


Unfortunately injuries happen. As professionals in the field of sports medicine work with athletes to improve and regain proper movement patterns, VersaLifts™ adjustable heel lifts serve as a helpful tool in the recovery process. VersaLifts™ can aid to improve movement efficiency and overall kinetic chain function in the squat movement. These inserts can also minimize movement compensation and joint stress, while supplementing ankle hypomobility. The adjustability feature of VersaLifts™ allow for the height of the lifts to be systematically decreased as the patient regains mobility through proper therapy and treatment. 



Helping improve and regain proper squat movement patterns.

Movement quality and efficiency should be prioritized above repetition minimums for the health and safety of all individuals involved in a training program.  Proper kinetic chain mechanics will ensure normal posture, load dispersement and prevention of movement impairment syndromes that can result from poor technique.  Often, altered squat mechanics are utilized to “hit” rep goals with the ankles, knees, hips and lower back suffering the consequences in the form of acute and chronic injuries.  The majority of individuals can correct their squat mechanics by slightly elevating their heels, thus, decreasing the risk of injury.